Why a Yorkie?

*They are lively and bold

*Very intelligent 

*They are hypoallergenic

*They make amazing family pets

*They don't shed

*They make great therapy pets

*They each have their own wonderful personality

Social Yorkies    

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Big Eyes,  Excellent Personality  Home Raised!

1 - Year Health Warranty

Deciding on a male or female Yorkshire Terrier is  a personal decision. Unless the dog is being used for breeding purposes you should  consider spaying or neutering the puppy  as soon as recommended by your veterinarian, to prevent unwanted pregnancies & ovarian cancer.   Neutering before 6 months usually will prevent the male from marking his territory.  Females also will mark their territory & spaying/neutering is recommended to prevent marking territories for males and females.

Male Yorkies tend to bond to female owners and female Yorkies tend to bond with most everyone.

Male Vs. Female

Beautiful Soft Plush Coat~ Match Their personalities!

Registered Yorkies

Some of our Adorable Past  Sold Puppies








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