Frequently Asked Questions!

Biewers vs Parti Yorkies:

Looking at Biewers and Parti Yorkies, we would associate them as being the exact same breed. . But there are significant differences. The Biewer is considered a separate breed from the Yorkshire Terrier, even though its bloodline is strictly related to the Yorkie. The Biewer was developed in Germany in 1984. It is pronounced BEE-VAH. Many breeders in America who admired and loved the beauty of the Biewer have imported them here to breed in their own breeding program. All Biewers' bloodlines go back to the original ancestors in Germany. They do have a specific color pattern and do not dock the tails. Biewers ARE NOT AKC/CKC registrable, their registry originates in Germany.

What is a Parti Yorkie?

The Parti Yorkie was created here in America from AKC/CKC Yorkshire Terriers that carried the parti gene color. A breeder in California created the line by breeding more and more of the white recessive gene color together to eventually become what we see today, as being almost all white. The Parti Color Yorkie is 100% AKC/CKC Yorkshire Terrier and is an accepted color on the AKC/CKC registrations. The parti color does not have a specific color pattern. Any yorkie that has significant white patches or coloration combined with black and gold is considered a parti color yorkie. The tails are docked by most breeders.

Although, some of the more conservative thinking breeders prefer not to associate the Parti Yorkie with the traditional colored Yorkshire Terrier, the color and quality of the Parti Yorkie grows in popularity and is accepted by AKC/CKC and its bloodline comes strictly from the Yorkshire Terrier, making them full blooded Yorkshire Terriers. 

What is a Yorkie's Lifespan? 

Yorkies have a typical lifespan of 12-15 & even 20 years! So prepare yourself for many years of love!

Can I breed my puppy?

Possibly. It will be handled on a case by case basis, but if you are to receive breeding rights, it is an additional $500. Breeding without breeding rights can result in legal action.