***This is very important for new Yorkie owners to read. Yorkies are susceptible to hypoglycemia and if left untreated, it can be deadly.***

Hypoglycemia is common in toy breeds, especially puppies between 5 and 20 weeks of age. It is when there is a sudden drop in glucose/blood sugar; glucose is their body's primary energy source. Onset of hypoglycemia can be caused by stress, fatigue, changes in food, sudden changes in feeding and watering schedule , change of  environment or low body temperature.

Your new puppy may need some time to adapt to their new home and new people. You may notice your yorkie seems on edge and is not eating or drinking much.  Yorkies are extremely perceptive and can pick up on your moods; so if you are nervous, this will only increase their anxiety. This can cause them to become so upset that it will take a toll on their physical health. This can lead to them suffering from hypoglycemia.

I recommend that you keep Nutri Cal on hand for puppies that may have issues. If they are not eating or drinking I would immediately give them 2 separate servings, pea size amounts, of Nutri Cal.  One in the morning and one at bedtime; and as always, make sure they always have access to food and water.

Common Signs of Hypoglycemia:

*Collapsing  *Depression  *Disorientation  * Drowsiness  *Listlessness  *Muscle weakness *Refuses to eat or drink *Seizures *Shivering *Tremors *Unresponsive *Vomiting *White Gums

The good news is that Hypoglycemia is easily treated!

If your puppy is showing symptoms of Hypoglycemia you can start by giving them a small amount of Karo Syrup, pancake syrup (cannot be sugar free), or honey. Start by coating the puppy's gums with the syrup. It's important to continue to monitor your puppy. You can repeat this step every 5-10 minutes. If your puppy doesn't show improvement with in 15-20 minutes please call you veterinarian. Remember Hypoglycemia can be deadly so it is important to address these symptoms immediately and get them to a vet if needed!