Caring For Your Yorkie

Yorkies are small in size and therefor, will require a bit more upkeep than a larger sized dog. They need to always have access to food and water. It's important to make sure your Yorkie is eating and drinking. It's important to read our page on Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when a puppy's blood-sugar is not within normal ranges and may require an addition to their diet. 

Yorkies also require consistent grooming, whether you chose to keep their hair long and parted in the middle, or shorter to allow more freedom. (Keep in mind Yorkies do not shed. They are ideal for people who hate dog hair on their furniture and clothing and for those who struggle with allergies!) You can find more indepth information on our Grooming page.

Our puppies are potty-pad trained which helps with potty training. If you live where the winters can be harsh, like here in South Dakota, it helps to have potty-pads accessible to them.

It can be easy to let little dogs get away with behaviors that you would not let a large dog get away with (i.e. jumping up on visitors). However, Yorkies are smart and can learn tricks and manners just like any other dog. If you start training right away, it will be much easier than trying to break bad habits in the future. 

Please do your research before making the decision to add a fur-baby to your family. With the extra attention a Yorkie can require, it's important to know what you are going to be taking on. With all that being said, we find the joy a Yorkie brings is well worth the extra responsibilities. 

If you have any questions about adding a Yorkie to your family, please reach out to us and we'd more than happy to discuss it with you!