´╗┐Keep Your Yorkie Looking Healthy

Proper grooming is required for Yorkies, to not only keep them looking sharp, but also for their health in general. Grooming includes:



Nail Care


A proper bathing schedule is crucial to keeping your Yorkie healthy. If you bath him/her too frequently it can dry their skin out and cause them discomfort. This can also happen if you scrub too hard when bathing them. On the other hand, there can be consequences for not bathing them enough. Their coats can become matted, greasy, and they will smell. Ideally you should bath your Yorkie every 3 weeks unless a situation arrises that requires it sooner. 

You should NEVER use human shampoo on your Yorkie. It's important to pick a good dog shampoo that will not dry their skin out. Our puppies are bathed with ZYMOX ,  I highly recommend! It's great for their coats and keeps them smelling great! 

Brushing and combing is so important for your new Yorkie's coat! It's especially important to brush them right before and right after baths. Yorkies' coats can become matted if not taken care of.

Canine cleansing wipes can be great for touch-ups in between baths. It keeps them fresh and clean, without drying their skin out. They are also useful if your puppy gets feces or urine on their coat.

Yorkie do require trims to keep their coats healthy and in check. Decide if this something you want to do yourself or pay a groomer to do for you. Either way, please do your research! If you want to do it yourself, please do research to make sure you do it correctly and that you have the right tools. If you decide to go to a groomer, please make sure you find one you can trust. You wouldn't want your little fur-baby becoming scared of being groomed because they had a bad experience.

If you have question before or after you buy your Yorkie, please let us know!

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